We Need Your Stories for the "Not Alone" Video!

Have you heard our song NOT ALONE? 

How has this song impacted your life? Have you shared NOT ALONE with someone who needed to hear it? Did the song help you or them through a difficult time? 

Please share your story about NOT ALONE by sending an email to rednotalonevid@gmail.com and your submission may become a part of our music video! (We will not use anyone's name; you will remain anonymous. We will not retain your email address or any other personal information.)

Submission deadline is this Sunday, 12/18. Please keep stories to about a paragraph long.

Improbable Philanthropy

Hey guys,

We wanted to share a cool link with you all.

There is a counseling center in Franklin, TN (where we live) that is dedicated to offering artists counseling services while they are out on the road, or when they get home. This place, Porters Call, has been a huge help to all of us in RED. Porters Call founder, Al Andrews, has decided to do some crazy things in an effort to raise money to help other people. You can read the entire story at www.improbablephilanthropy.com. If you are able, please help our friend out on his journey. 



Joe Rickard Signature Snare Drum Giveaway

Hey RED Nation,

Joe here. I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Spaun Drums to create my very own custom snare drum. The coolest part is, you can purchase one of these snare drums. Visit www.spaundrums.com for more information. 

To celebrate the launch of this snare, I want to give away one of the first ones made to you all. Record a video of yourself playing one of your favorite RED songs and you may be the recipient of one of the first Joe Rickard Snares ever made. 

The contest starts today, 8/22, and will run through Friday 9/9.  

Here are the rules:

1.) Pick and record yourself drumming to your favorite RED song. NOTE: If you have the original track playing on top of your video, make sure the audio from your drumming is higher than the CD audio.

2.)Upload the video to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or wherver you normally post a video.

3.) Send an email that includes your full name and a link to the video to reddrumcontest@gmail.com

4.) Videos MUST be in by September 9. Any videos after will not be elligible to win the snare.

Watch the video at the top of the page for more information on this snare. And don't forget, you can purchase one of these snares for yourself by visiting www.spaundrums.com

Looking forward to watching your videos! 




Find your local Rock Radio Station below and request "Lie To Me." 

KFRQ McAllen - 888.335.9494 
KHTQ Spokane - 509.744.0945 
KHTB Salt Lake City – 801.670.9870 
WIIL Chicago - 800.223.9510 
KZZQ Salt Lake City - 801.570.9750 
WWIZ Youngstown - 866.770.0104 
WTZR Johnson City - 866.770.7625 
WAQX Syracuse – 315.421.9595 
WWBN Flint - 810.743.1080 
WRZK Johnson City - 423.578.7685